Alentejo, Alentejo


Alentejo, Alentejo
reż|dir Sérgio Tréfaut | PT | 2014 | 96 min
prod|pro Sérgio Tréfaut scen|wr Sérgio Tréfaut zdj|ph João Ribeiro, Marta Pessoa muz|mus Miguel Moraes Cabral, Olivier Blanc, Armanda Carvalho mon|ed Pedro Marques ob|cast Os Camponeses de Pias, Cantadores de Aldeia Nova de São Bento, Grupo da Casa do Povo de Serpa dys|dis Sergio Tréfaut


The Portuguese province of Alentejo is famous for its polyphonic, duple-metre singing tradition, where amateur choirs consisting chiefly of over 20 men sing a cappella. In 2014 Cante Alentejano was included into the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List, which serves as an opportunity to take a close look at what the Cante means to its contemporary performers. It is also a good time to inquire into the future of local heritage in light of the financial crisis, mass emigration, and progressing globalisation.

2015 Krakow FF – Golden Horn nomination
2014 IndieLisboa – Award for Best Portuguese Feature Film and for Best Portuguese Feature-Length Documentary
2014 DocsBarcelona+Medellín – Best Feature-length Film Award

Sérgio Tréfaut (1965) Director and producer, born in Brazil. After a Master in Philosophy at the Sorbonne (Paris), he started his career in Lisbon as a journalist and documentary director. His first feature fiction “Journey to Portugal” (2011) received several international prizes. Sérgio Tréfaut was a director of Doclisboa International Film Festival from 2004 to 2010.

2014 Alentejo, Alentejo
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