Every Face Has a Name


Every Face Has a Name
reż|dir Magnus Gertten | SE | 2015 | 73 min
prod|pro Magnus Gertten, Lennart Ström scen|wr Magnus Gertten, Jesper Osmund zdj|ph Arne D.S. Haldorsen, Sven Lindahl, Adam Makarenko, Tony Miller, Mattias Olsson, Magnus Rutberg, Jacek Szymański, Caroline Troedsson, Ita Zbroniec-Zajt muz|mus Hans Appelqvist mon|ed Jesper Osmund ob|cast Piotr Górski, Phillip Jacksson, Bernhard Kempler, Ryszard Lagemo, Anita Lobel, Fredzia Marmur, Svenn Martinsen, Judith Popinski, Elsie Ragusin, Nurit Stern dys|dis Rise and Shine World Sales


On April 28, 1945 hundreds of survivors from the German concentration camps arrive to the harbour of Malmö, Sweden. While they take their first steps in freedom, Swedish news photographers film them. Now, 70 years later the survivors are watching this archive footage for the very first time and as they discover themselves they re-experience the emotions from this special day.

“Every Face Has a Name” reveals an extraordinary blend of stories coming from Jewish survivors, Norwegian resistance men, Polish mothers with newborn babies and British spies. As the director Magnus von Gertten reminds us, such moments and scenes also take place all over the world today.

2015 Göteborgu FF – Church of Sweden Film Award, Dragon Award nomination for the Best Nordic Documentary

Magnus Gertten (1953) Swedish producer, director, screenwriter and documentary filmmaker. His “Harbour of Hope” was awarded at the Kraków Film Festival in 2012.

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