Good Things Await


Så meget godt i vente
reż|dir Phie Ambo | DK | 2014 | 91 min
prod|pro Maria Flindt Pedersen scen|wr Phie Ambo zdj|ph Phie Ambo, Maggie Olkuska muz|mus Johann Johannson mon|ed Theis Schmidt dys|dis Against Gravity


Niels Stokholm and his wife Rita have been biodynamic farmers on Thorshøjgaard (north of Copenhagen in Denmark) for over 30 years. They have founded and managed the farm according to the idea that man and earth are fundamentally connected to the universe. They make all the practical decisions in harmony with nature and in respect of the animals. These methods and beliefs in biodynamic farming yield some of the finest products, praised by the consumers and the world’s best restaurant, NOMA in Copenhagen. Niels’ ways of farming in accordance with the planet and the primal instincts of the animals are not too popular with the authorities. They are threatening to withdraw his license to keep cattle, and to close down the farm.

2015 Full Frame Documentary FF - Nicholas School Environmental Award

Phie Ambo (1973) Danish documentary filmmaker educated from The Danish Film School in Copenhagen. Her films, like “Family” and ‘”Gambler”, have won many awards at the international film festivals. The special place in her oeuvre is occupied by the unfinished trilogy about relations between science and human condition: “Mechanical Love” and “Free the Mind”.

2014 Dni, na które czekamy | Så meget godt i vente | Good Things Await
2012 Uwolnij umysł | Free the Mind
2007 Mechaniczna miłość | Mechanical Love
2006 Gambler
2001 Family

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