Jia Zhang-ke, a Guy from Fenyang


Jia Zhang-ke, um homem de Fenyang
reż|dir Walter Salles | BR | 2014 | 105 min
prod|pro Fernandes Bruno, Maria Carlota scen|wr Walter Salles, Jean-Michel Frodon zdj|ph Inti Briones mon|ed Joana Collier ob|cast Jia Zhang-ke dys|dis Against Gravity


Directors Jia Zhang-ke and Walter Salles share a similar approach to cinema. At the Berlinale in 1998 both men presented the films that were to make them major proponents of international auteur cinema. “Pickpocket” and “Central Station” were both filmed in original locations, and both films describe ordinary people trying to survive the brutality of their daily lives in a time of great upheaval. “I wanted to use the camera to reveal these people’s dignity”, claims Jia Zhang-ke at the beginning of Walter Salles’ documentary. Salles accompanies his Chinese colleague as he returns to the locations of his films and also visits the places where he grew up. A twofold journey through time begins. “Jia Zhang-ke, a Guy from Fenyang” shows the radical changes in a country where one of the great filmmakers of our time creates his works.

Walter Salles (1956) Brazilian director and screenwriter. Initially he chiefly made documentary films. In 1995 he had his debut feature film “Foreign Land,” co-directed with Daniela Thomas. “Central Station” brought him international acclaim, and it won the Golden Bear at the 1998 IFF in Berlin.

2014 Jia Zhang-ke – chłopak z Fenjanu | Jia Zhang-ke, um homem de Fenyang | Jia Zhang-ke, a guy from Fenyang
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