Karski & The Lords of Humanity


Karski i władcy ludzkości
reż|dir Sławomir Grünberg | PL, US | 2015 | 72 min
prod|pro Dariusz Jabłoński, Violetta Kamińska, Sławomir Grünberg, Izabela Wójcik scen|wr Katka Reszke, Sławomir Grünberg, E. Thomas Wood zdj|ph Sławomir Grünberg mon|ed Matylda Kawka, Katka Reszke dys|dis Apple Film


Jan Karski was the first to reveal to the western coalition countries the atrocities and mass murders committed by the Nazis in Poland. Karski was an emissary of the Polish Underground State, sent in secret to the Warsaw ghetto on a mission to investigate the Jewish situation on the eve of “the final solution.” His goal was to share with the world the shocking information about the tragedy of the Jewish nation. Unfortunately, information regarding the Holocaust made it only to page 16 of the “New York Times”.

What constitutes the film's unquestionable asset is the animated re-imaginings of numerous scenes, including the arrest of Karski by the Gestapo, his two infiltrations into the Warsaw ghetto and the internment camp, as well as his many conversations with – as Karski himself put it – “the lords of humanity.”

2015 IFF Jewish Motifs – the Anotni Marianowicz Award, Golden Warsaw Phoenix nomination

Sławomir Grünberg (1951) An Emmy Award-winning documentary producer, director, cameraman, and editor born in Lublin. He is a graduate of the Polish Film School in Łódź, where he studied cinematography and directing. He emigrated from Poland to the US in 1981, and has since directed and produced over 45 television documentaries.

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