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Abhandene Welt, Die
reż|dir Margarethe von Trotta | DE | 2015 | 101 min
prod|pro Markus Zimmer scen|wr Margarethe von Trotta zdj|ph Axel Block muz|mus Sven Rossenbach, Florian van Volxem mon|ed Bettina Böhler ob|cast Katja Riemann, Barbara Sukowa, Matthias Habich, Robert Seeliger, Gunnar Möller, Karin Dor, August Zirner, Tom Beck, Arne Jansen, Rüdiger Vogler dys|dis Wild Bunch


One day, Paul, an ageing man, finds a photo of a well-known American opera singer, who reminds him of his recently deceased wife. The resemblance is so striking that the man decides to ask his daughter, Sophie, to meet the diva. The girl reluctantly fulfils her father's request and leaves her homeland in Germany for New York, where she discovers an intriguing mystery. At first the singer does not want to meet the girl or talk to her but when she finally does, secrets are revealed, ones that survived decades in the hiding. The film features Barbara Sukowa and Katja Riemann, renowned actresses who also starred in the German director's previous films (Sukowa recently played the titular role in “Hannah Arendt”).

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