Mountains May Depart


Shan He Gu Ren
reż|dir Jia Zhang-ke | CN, FR, JP | 2015 | 131 min
prod|pro Shôzô Ichiyama scen|wr Jia Zhang-ke zdj|ph Nelson Lik-wai Yu muz|mus Yoshihiro Hanno mon|ed Matthieu Laclau ob|cast Tao Zhao, Yi Zhang, Jing Dong Liang, Zijian Dong, Sylvia Chang dys|dis Against Gravity


China, 1999. In Fenyang, childhood friends Liangzi, a coal miner, and Zhang, the owner of a gas station, are both in love with Tao, the town beauty. Tao eventually marries the wealthier Zhang and they have a son he names Dollar.

2014. Tao is divorced and her son emigrates to Australia with his business magnate father.

Australia, 2025. 19-year-old Dollar no longer speaks Chinese and can barely communicate with his now bankrupt father. All that he remembers of his mother is her name.

2015 IFF in Cannes – Palm d’Or nomination

Jia Zhangke (1970) Director, graduated from the famous Beijing Film Academy. One of the head representatives of the sixth generation of Chinese filmmakers, next to Lou Ye and Wang Quan’an. In his creative work he connects brutal naturalism with a contemplative mood and subtle metaphors. His first film, “The World,” made thanks to the permission of the Chinese government, was nominated for the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival in 2004. The director won this award two years later for “Still Life.”

2015 Nawet góry przeminą | Shan He Gu Ren | Mountains May Depart
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