Nude Area


Strefa nagości
reż|dir Urszula Antoniak | NL, PL | 2014 | 73 min
prod|pro Frans van Gestel, Arnold Heslenfeld, Laurette Schillings, Dariusz Jabłoński, Violetta Kamińska, Izabela Wójcik scen|wr Urszula Antoniak zdj|ph Piotr Sobociński jr. muz|mus Ethan Rose mon|ed Milenia Fiedler ob|cast Sammy Boonstra, Imaan Hammam dys|dis Spectator


A sensual story about the seduction between a 15-year-old Dutch girl and her beautiful peer from Morocco. The girls differ in skin colour, background, and social class, and still – or perhaps thanks to this – a mutual fascination arises between the two. They begin playing an erotic game. It's an attraction familiar to anyone who has ever been seduced by a stranger. The relationship between the teenagers, who met in a sauna, develops wordlessly – through gestures, glances, and sounds alone. The director investigates into the nature of desire and the isolation that accompanies those feelings, into our concepts and erotic expectations. “Nude Area,” void of a clear plot, is a sophisticated essay on the body and womanhood, inspired by the famous “A Lover's Discourse: Fragments” by Roland Barthes.

Urszula Antoniak (1968) Polish director and screenwriter. Graduated from film school in the Netherlands, where she lived and worked. The way she combines emotionality with intellectual consideration is unmatched in Polish cinema. She also puts great emphasis on the sensuous layer of image and sound. She has received awards at numerous film festivals, including those in Locarno and Seville.

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