Wacken 3D


Wacken – der Film
reż|dir Norbert Heitker | DE | 2014 | 95 min
prod|pro Tomas Erhart, Stefan Schubert scen|wr Norbert Heitker zdj|ph Sebastian Bäumler, Matthias Bolliger, Jasper Engel, Konstantin Freyer, Uli Gaulke, Norbert Heitker, Fabian Hothan, Tom Kimmig, Marco Wilms, Marcus Winterbauer muz|mus Eike Freese, Jacob Hellner, Philipp Hoppen mon|ed Markus Gerwinat, Georg Petzold ob|cast Cielu Wang, Micha Reese, Katie McHoes dys|dis Autlook Films


The quiet village of Wacken in Schleswig-Holstein, in northern Germany, becomes the mecca of 75 thousand fans of heavy music each year in August. Wacken Open Air has been organised for 25 years and it is the world's largest open-air metal festival. Made to mark the event's anniversary, Heitker's film takes its viewers on a journey through all the circles of this inferno, giving them the opportunity to feel as if they were actually there. Four festival regulars from three continents serve as the guides to Wacken. Live shows include Rammstein, Deep Purple, Motörhead, Alice Cooper, Anthrax, and many others.

2015 Krakow FF – Golden Horn nomination

Norbert Heitker (1971) German director of music films and music videos. Heitker studied media technology in Hamburg. He has won the Echo Award twice: for the music video for Rammstein's “Engel” and for the film “Die Ärzte Live.” He has also received the Audience Award for best German music video at the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen.

2014 Wacken - witajcie w piekle | Wacken – der Film | Wacken 3D

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