The project’s goal is to promote writers whose works haven’t yet been adapted to the screen, to promote literature as a source of inspiration for contemporary cinema, and to draw attention of the Polish cinema world towards literature.

As part of the cycle, MEETINGS WITH THE AUTHORS will be taking place. In their works, the authors in question offer current portrayals of Polish society (“And this is what Poland is!”).

02.08.2015, 4:30PM – Justyna Bargielska
03.08.2015, 4:30PM – Janusz Rudnicki
04.08.2015, 4:30PM – Hubert Klimko-Dobrzaniecki
05.08.2015, 4:30PM – Artur Daniel Liskowacki
06.08.2015, 4:30PM – Mariusz Sieniewicz
07.08.2015, 4:30PM – Andrzej Muszyński

Where: THE VISTULA MUZEUM, the main exhibition building, 19 The Big Market Square, Kazimierz Dolny

The project is accompanied by SCREENWRITING WORKSHOPS, whose participants will have the opportunity to present their scripts to renowned Polish filmmakers. There will also be open MASTERCLASS meetings, which will familiarise the participants with the process of making film adaptations of literary works. The guests will be: Adam Woronowicz, Janusz Głowacki, Jerzy Kapuściński, Janusz Zaorski.

Darek Foks © fot. Jacek Foks

All meetings will be moderated by DAREK FOKS – poet, writer of prose, and screenwriter. He is part of the editorial board for the monthly “Twórczość,” where he is responsible for the prose section. He and Zbigniew Libera received the TVP Kultura Award for their booklet “What a Courier Does.” His texts have been published in the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, the USA, Ukraine, and the UK. “Kebab Meister,” published by ha!art, was nominated for the 2013 Gdynia Literary Prize. In 2014 Foks won the Wroclaw Silesius Poetry Award, and his tome of poetry “Rozmowy z głuchym psem” has been nominated for the Nike Literary Award and the Gdynia Literary Prize.

CINEMA LESSON | Jerzy Kapuściński

Jerzy Kapuściński is one of the most important Polish film and television producers. For the last 25 years he has been one of those who blazed trails in Polish cinema. more...


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