“The Red Spider” thriller at Two Riversides

Serial killers intrigue filmmakers all over the world. At Two Riversides we’ll have the opportunity to see how Marcin Koszałka depicts a killer – his “The Red Spider” will be screened long before its cinematic premiere.

The story in “The Red Spider” is based on facts, and the protagonist, played by Filip Pławiak, is inspired by Karol Kot, a serial killer who was at large several decades ago in the capital of Lesser Poland.

The film has already been presented at the festival in Karlovy Vary, where it received favourable reviews. In foreign press, the Polish director has even been compared to Gus Van Sant (“Elephant”) and Michael Haneke (“Funny Games”).

Marcin Koszałka will also be a guest at Two Riversides and the screening will be followed by his “Cinema lesson.” During the meeting he will reveal how his latest film was made, and also tell about his background in documentary filmmaking (“Such a Nice Boy I Gave Birth to”) and cinematography (“Welts,” “The Reverse”). One of the main characters in “The Red Spider” is played by Adam Woronowicz, the hero of this year’s retrospective “And God created actor.”

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