Cinema lessons at Two Riversides

Difficult periods of Polish history, the transition from documentary to feature, the journey towards the Oscars, and an inside look at the profession of a producer – these are the topics of this year’s “Cinema lesson.”

CINEMA LESSON – THE CONFESSIONS OF A FILMMAKER is a unique form of meeting between our special guests and the festival audience. The authors talk about their fascinations, artistic sins, and the secrets of their craft.

What topics from our history are most controversial? How do authors of different generations approach these difficult topics, and how do they communicate with their audiences through their works? Can controversial subject matter of a film cause strong social divisions in Poland? What is the power of film today? The participants of the KINO WOLNOŚĆ debate will attempt to answer these questions.

First he made documentary films that stirred all of Poland, then he directed a feature film that met with excellent reviews abroad. From “Such a Nice Boy I Gave Birth to” to “The Red Spider” – MARCIN KOSZAŁKA is going to share the secrets of his filmmaking trade at Two Riversides.

The other “Cinema lessons” will belong to producers. For the last 25 years, JERZY KAPUŚCIŃSKI has been a trailblazer in Polish cinema. What are the responsibilities of a producer? What does being a creative producer entail? All this will be explained by none other than Jerzy Kapuściński.

Poland’s biggest cinematic success, which is an Oscar for “Ida,” wouldn’t be possible without EWA PUSZCZYŃSKA. The Polish producer will talk about the journey that lead her to the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, as well as her previous work as line producer, production assistant, executive producer, delegate producer, co-producer, production coordinator… and also simply producer. What distinguishes each of these roles? She will answer this question during her “Cinema lesson.”

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